Risk it All?

Risk Failure

What are you willing to risk to live your life’s purpose?

Are you willing to risk ridicule?…chastisement?…seasons of failure?…seasons of doubt?…other people’s jealousy and envy of you?

We are each created for a purpose and we are alive because we are still in the process of fulfilling that purpose. Some have a clear understanding of that purpose and are living it daily with great passion, joy, and fulfillment. The majority, however, are not clear. They know they are here for a reason, but not quite sure what.

If have found that living my purpose is not without risk and sacrifice. Sometimes I have walked into the unknown and darkness with the only glimmer of light to guide my way being my own faith. Sometimes it is brighter than other times…but I know that I have the opportunity to choose. Over 380 times in Scripture it encourages us “Do not fear.” During the times in the middle of the night when I wake and feel that wave of fear coming, I have taught myself to discipline my thoughts to resist the fear and instead hold to the phrase, “Today, and at this moment, I choose to believe.”

Living your life of purpose is not without challenges. No one said the road would be easy. But it is a road that only you can walk and your greatest fulfillment in life will be found when you are living each and every day, in all that you do, in alignment with the purpose that was placed in your heart even before you were born. Don’t let obstacles stand in your way. Persist through the difficulties knowing that you are destined for a greatness that only you can achieve. That is your life…that is your legacy.

Live Your Life of Purpose with Passion!

Dr. Brooks
“The RESET Doctor”


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  1. Oh yeah I absolutely love this quote. It is fantastic!! Thanks


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